Bangladeshi marriage and dowry system

Bangladeshi bride and groom 

Are you a girl? Do you wish to make marry? In Bangladesh dowry system still needed. Now a day many groom demand dowry for own. This is too old tradition in Bangladesh, India Nepal and nearby country's. groom demand motorbike, cycle, TV, radio, furniture, watch, land, house, car, clothes, kitchenware, job, air ticket, mortgage, education cost, trading support or cash etc.

Sometimes a dowry agreement has to be fulfilled because that particular family's honour and social position are at stake. Dowry equals wealth, and it becomes a status symbol. For an uneducated girl a dowry payment can be up to Taka 20,000 but an educated girl often has to bring a much higher dowry to get the right bridegroom for her.

The dowry system has been in place for centuries. It is essentially a contract between the father of the bride and the father of the groom before a marriage takes place. Marriage is a social contract between a man and a woman where they promise in the name of God to love and honour one another. By taking dowry one undermines the entire sanctity of the institution of marriage.

Many poor people can not provide that support to the groom. That's why they go to for bank loans. Bank always ask for any mortgage and bank always issue the amount of money according the health of mortgage. Villagers go to micro credit bank for the loans. Poor and illiterate villagers suffer more than that educated people. Maximum villagers of Bangladesh are illiterate. They have no educational degree. Poor villagers have no huge and liquid credit on hands. They are not enough alert for their health and they do no do health insurance too. But, they go to bank for loans and also they go to insurance company for loan help. Many times we see some people helping to the poor father of bride by donating money, gift, food and many more.

Many time grooms strongly claim for many and other promises gift to his father in law and the groom started torture to the bride.

This is undoubtedly a disgraceful custom. Dissatisfied families inflict enormous pain and suffering on the bride. Sometimes such dissatisfaction motivates them to murder the bride. Sometimes the father of the bride does no go for justice by thinking family's honour and social position. Poor villagers have no enough money to go court. Now a day's justice becomes costly. Lawyer cost and many other costs are related with the justice.

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